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Old Town Spacious Apartment- Prague Old Town  


Old Town Spacious Apartment- Prague Old Town  

Right between Charles Bridge, National Theatre and Wenceslas Square is located the 1 bedroom private apartment (57 sqm). All the most beautiful historical monuments of Prague are within walking distance. The apartment is in the 4th floor of a historical building in Prague - Old Town. The apartment can provide comfort to up to 5 persons.

Karolíny Světlé 3, Prague- Old Town, 110 00 


The fully equipped 1 bedroom apartment (57 sqm) is located in historical building in Prague - Old Town. You can find it right between Charles Bridge, National Theatre and Wenceslas Square. All the most beautiful historical monuments of Prague are within walking distance. 


The apartment can provide comfort to up to 5 personsThe apartment consists of 1 large bedroom with living area, separated kitchen with dining table and chairs, bathroom with showertoilet and washbasin and hall.  In bedroom are two double beds, wardrobe, chest, work-desk with padded chair, in the living area is one double sofabed, TV, coffee table, and design armchair. Kitchen is equipped with cooking-stove, refrigerator, washing machine, oven, microwave oven, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, crockery and cutlery and dining bar. 


The apartment is equipped with TV, satellite, Free Wi-Fi, CD player, washing machine, cooking-stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, crockery and cutlery and modern furniture.  

Sleeping area: 2x double bed, 1 x double sofa bed 


The apartment is in Karoliny Svetle No. 3 street, which leads to Charles Bridge (few minutes walk). National Theatre and Wenceslas Square are 2 minutes walk. There is a small supermarket on the ground-floor of the house. The apartment is located in the place where the Velvet Revolution and new period of Czech history after the fall of Communism began. Many restaurants, cafés and bakeries, in which you can sample Czech and international cuisine are located in this area, as well as numerous tourist sites and charming craft shops. 


Tram stops Narodni trida and Narodni divadlo are within 100 metres from the apartment. Metro stops are also close: Narodni trida (line B) is 150 metres from the apartment and Mustek (line A) is 250 metres from the apartment.  

The closest secured garage parking is located underneath National Theatre (Ostrovni 1 street).


You couldn´t find a better location for your accommodation in Prague! 

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